Product Name: Gravure Press (Film/Paper)

  The details are as follows:
  1. Quick release, fail-safe, pneumatically operated chuck loading system for shaftless printing cylinders, including a height adjustable cylinder transporting trolley containing the ink tray and ink appliocator for rapid job changeover.
  2. Fully automatic, energy efficient, heat recovery drying system to minimise retained solvent levels at increased running speed with reduced operating cost.
  3. Safer working environment due to the floor sweep exhaust system which removes solvent laden air from the base of each printing unit.
  4. Pneumatically operated retracting drying cabinets provide easy access to web rollers and drying nozzles.
  5. Flying splice facilities on both unwind and rewind turrets, with guaranteed operation at maximum line speed.
  6. Touch screen PC driven drive and control system with inbuilt self diagnostic function and on-line modem facilities.
  7. Automatic linear and lateral register control included as standard equipment.
  8. Re-circulating inking system including pump, tank, applicator and quick release couplings are included as standard equipment.


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