Product Name: Gravure Press (Paper/Board)

  The details are as follows:
  1. Comprint's "Quicklock" cylinder carriage system enables job preparation and wash up to be carried out remote from the machine whilst the press is in production. Cylinder cartridges incorporating stainless steel inking components can be changed over in minutes, minimising make-ready times.
  2. Flying splice facilities on unwind and rewind turrets enable reel change over at maximum line speed. Both butt and lap splicing modes are provided on the unwinder depending upon the thickness of the substrate.
  3. An electronic register control system is included in the standard machine specification. The system incorporates a register pre-alignment facility to bring the printing stations within range of automatic control before start-up. This facility shortens make-ready time and reduces waste.
  4. A fully automatic, energy-efficient drying system ensures high speed printing with low retained solvent levels. Each printing station has its own independent heating system incorporating a heat recovery unit to safely reduce operating cost without re-circulating solvent saturated air.
  5. Comprint's advanced microprocessor based integrated digital D.C. drive and control system maintains absolute web tension, guaranteeing perfect print-to-print colour register. All control functions are carried out in software, meaning the high level of performance you obtain from the machine today will be repeated everyday, day after day, into the future. All electrical components on the machine are fresh-air-purged for safe operation in a hazardous environment.
  6. A catwalk along the operator's side of the machine allows unrestricted access to the upper section of the printing stations. Web threading is made easy with threading chains in all drying cabinets. An automatic web-break detection system is incorporated into all printing stations.
  7. Meticulous attention to detail, ensures a comprehensive list of features such as... fully insulated pneumatically operated drying hoods, web pre-conditioning facilities, retractable doctor blades, double wall low friction cooling rollers, dynamically balanced aluminium alloy web transporting rollers, floor exhaust systems, "Quick Set" impression mechanisms, touch screen control, self-diagnostic functions... and more!


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