Product Name: HS 1400 High Speed Sheeter for Plain Paper

Maximum web/printing width

Minimum web width

1400 mm (55")

Cut off range




1500 mm (59")

400 mm (16")

Maximum mechanical speed

300 metres/min (990ft/min)

Crawl speed on run

20 metres/min (66ft/min)

Maximum pile height including pallet

1200 mm (47")

Maximum pile weight including pallet

1500 kg (3300 lbs)

Length (without unwind stand)

7.0m (23 ft)

Width (including operator platform)

3.5m (11 ft 6 ins)


2.0m (6 ft 7 ins)

Maximum knife load


Multi web paper up to a total of 500 gsm. Single card up to 400 gsm depending on density and cut quality required.


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